Extra Extra Read All About It!!!

The great Julius Caesar rejected the crown offered to him by Mark Antony today.  No one is quite sure why though.  He was offered the crown two more times to make sure he didn’t just reject it for hype towards something else.  Caesar then rejected it again and again.  Meanwhile the crowd was growing anxious with every offer given.  They screamed and yelled hoping to influence Caesar to reconsider.  Unfortunatly though, it had no affect on his decision.  After the third time Antony offered it to Caesar and he declined, Caesar suddenly collapsed.  Some say its from his epilepsy, others say its from the smell of the breath of the common folk, who gathered in large masses along the streets to hear Caesars decision.  People say with every loud wave of screams and yells attempting to influence Caesar the wave of horrid stench fluttered towards him and cause him to collapse in horrid attack against his lungs and nose.  Caesar has been reported to be just fine. Rumors are going around that the crown may be offered to him again.  Many people are thinking the smell may have affected his brain and his ability to comprehend what was going on at the ceremony.


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